Club night date

1st time at the club for veteran entertainer M.T. Allan. A great 1st set followed by an amazing upbeat 2nd spot. There was even a dancer!!

Club night date JUN

It’s been a long time but Darren Busby was finally back to entertain us with his duo. A great night with loads of popular country songs for the audience.

Club night date

Veteran duo Stone Cold Country were our special guests in May. With witty banter and an extensive repertoire of songs it won’t be long before they’re back to entertain us agin.


Jade Helliwell is a local (ish) singer songwriter gaining international acclaim. Singing a mixture of her own music and popular favourites she is popular every time she performs for us. Look out for her at our Songwriter Leeds festival in March 23.


The Eeze. 3 of the band more commonly known as The Breeze. We had Ryan, Andy and Steve performing songs that they had never performed as a trio without the full band. A mixture of great music and humour. Was it perfect, of course not they’d never been non stage as a trio before, but did they pull it off, absolutely. 


This month we had The Thornhills to entertain us. A great night with songs that everyone enjoyed.